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Armed Teacher Program

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If you would like to support this program and help defer the cost for teachers, we now accept donations! Simply select the ‘Donate’ button below. You may donate as much or as little as you’d like. This donation is set aside and will be used solely to provide training for teachers!

Thank you for your interest in the Armed Teacher Training Program through Insight Firearms Training Development. As part of the program you will learn to shoot very accurate to the point your skill level with a gun will far exceed  90 percent of police officers.

Insight also will utilized training material developed by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy to educate you on the active shooter, and how to defend yourself and others from this killer. Teachers and school staff will be put in shoot/don’t shoot scenarios, and they will be educated on the use of deadly force under Ohio law.

We will prepare teachers and staff for the unthinkable should they be forced into a situation with an active shooter. This will include training on the biochemical process of the brain when faced with an armed attacker and ways to deal with the stress during such an incident.

Our instructors come from various backgrounds including law enforcement and the military. Instructors have hundreds of hours of training that include gun fighting, active shooter training and close-quarter battle.

Each class will have up to six students. Students will be evaluated on their competency and commitment. We are accepting applications from any county in Ohio but teachers and staff in Allen County will get first consideration.

Following the completion of the two-day course, each teacher or staff member will be given Insight’s 21-day home study course, homework assignments and a two-hour private lesson with an Insight instructor set up at a time convenient for the teacher or school staff member. We also encourage additional training and we are making plans for that training.

You must already have taken a 8-hour concealed carry course and obtained a concealed carry license in Ohio to enroll in our course. Students in the course are required for furnish hearing and eye protection, and 600 rounds of ammunition. If you have a handgun you think you might want to carry, bring it and we will train you with it and discuss its advantages and disadvantages. If you do not have a handgun, we will provide you with a gun to use during the training, and we will assist you with finding the right handgun for you and the best method of carry.

The cost of Insight’s Armed Teacher Training Program is $897, far below the nearly $1,500 some schools charge. We are working to get local businesses and individuals to sponsor the program with our intent to provide the training to teachers and school staff at no cost. If you would like more information or know a teacher or school staff who would like to receive the training please contact us through our Website or by calling us. If you know anyone willing to make a donation to fund the program, please have that person contact us, as well.

Thank you,

Steve Farmer

Firearms Instructor

Insight Firearms Training Development

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