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Ohio Concealed Carry Weapons Classes

Ohio Instructor Steve Farmer


Conceal & Carry Testimonials:

I don’t give Bo Derrick a 10, but I give your class a 10″

“My Goals and Expectations were Greatly Exceeded.”

“Everyone who owns a gun should have to go through this class, and then maybe guns wouldn’t get such a bad rap.”

“You were very encouraging and made me believe in myself.”

“This class was both Informative and Entertaining.”

“I learned a lot and had Fun doing it!”

Red Dot Pistol:

Thanks to Steve’s class, I have improved my accuracy with my gun. This class has given me so much   confidence.

“I felt safe throughout the whole Day!”

“I now feel that I am able to protect myself and my family.”

“Steve is a very knowledgeable instructor and brings a lot of energy and confidence to the class.”

“This class is well worth the time and Money.”

Best firearms class I’ve ever attended.

“The firearms program taught by Steve Farmer was exceptional! It was not only informative but also enjoyable. It exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in switching to a red dot pistol.

Working in and around a vehicle Testimonials:

“This was an outstanding class !!”

“I now feel that I can handle a gun safely !!”

“When I signed up for this class, I had just planned on going through the motions to get my conceal and carry license, but you guys really improved my accuracy. I now shoot my handgun better than I do my rifle.”

I absolutely loved the class! It was incredibly well-organized with meticulous attention to detail. The scenarios were top-notch, providing valuable insight into various situations that could arise. Steve delivered exceptional hands-on training at the range, which I found extremely valuable.

“This program gave me the INSIGHT to protect my family, handle guns in a safe manner, and respect for Law Enforcement officers and what they go thru on a daily basis. Steve and Matt were GREAT!”

“This class was great even for people who haven’t yet purchased a handgun, because it gives you so much information to make an informed decision. You don’t need to be an expert marksman to find the information useful, and even if you are experienced, I’m sure there’s something you will learn!”

Steve did a great job in presenting the material. The class was very informative and well put together. I recommend this class!

If you own a car and a gun, it’s essential that you learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones while in a vehicle. This class provides a well-organized presentation that will help you do just that. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your skills and protect what matters most.

“I really liked this class. The class is very informative about the laws and the “State of Mind” you can use in everyday life.”

“I found out more about my right to protect my loved ones, and how to do it safely! Good Job!”

“I thought the class was great. It was very organized and informative. I would recommend this class to anyone.”

“I had my money’s worth after the first hour Highly recommend the course if you plan to carry or not.”