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Ohio Concealed Carry Weapons Classes

Ohio Instructor Steve Farmer


Q: How much is the cost of the class?

A: The cost of the classes is $99.00.

Q: What type of payment do you accept for the class?

A: We accept check or cash the morning of the class, however, if you register online (, you can pay by credit card.

Q: How often do you hold your classes?

A: We hold our classes the third Saturday of each month.

Q: How many students does it take to have a private class?

A: If you have 6 or more individuals, we can hold a class.

Q: How long are the classes?

A: State law requires 8 hours, which consists of 6 hours in the classroom, and 2 hours of live fire range time.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: You will need to provide a handgun, 100 rounds of ammunition, ear & eye protection, and a ball cap.

Q: Where are your classes held?

A: All classes are held at Lima Sabres, which is located at 5090 Hanthorn Road, Lima, Ohio, unless otherwise noted.

Q: What if I don’t have my own gun yet?

A: We have a rental package which includes everything you will need for this course for $40.00.

Q: Does the gun need to be registered to me?

A: No.

Q: Do I have to bring a certain size caliber of gun?

A: No, we recommend that you bring the gun that you’re planning on carrying, however this course is not caliber or gun specific.

Q: Can two people share the same gun?

A: Yes.

Q: What do we do for lunch?

A: We will order out for lunch, so please bring additional funds for this.

Q: Do I need to get an application from the Sheriff’s Department prior to taking the class?

A: No, not only will we provide it for you, but we will go over how to fill it out to avoid any complications with the submission of the application.

Q: How many instructors will be designated for each participant?

A: We provide a ratio of one instructor to two participants, this is the best ratio you will find in the area.