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Ohio Concealed Carry Weapons Classes

Ohio Instructor Steve Farmer

Triple nickel drill:

–          From 5 yards.
–          Five rounds fired.
–          One magazine of three and one magazine holding two rounds on your hip.
–          Five seconds or less

Starting from a natural ready position (arms down at your side)

At the sound of the buzzer draw and fire three rounds in the bottom target, a 5-inch circle.

The slide on your gun will lock to the rear. Perform a slide-lock reload using the spare magazine on your hip.

Then fire the two additional rounds into a 3×5-inch box (top target). 

Line hits do not count as all rounds must clearly be inside of the target. 

All participants who accept and are able to beat this challenge in front of Insight Instructor Steve Farmer will receive a challenge coin, a certificate of documentation and have bragging rights with their name, picture and time posted on our coin recipient page of our Website. 

This challenge will be offered to all past and present Insight students at the completion of each of our classes. 

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